The Dagmar Paint Tube Case Set

Here is what you get with a Dagmar Set!

2 – Cases that accommodate a total of 8 tubes of oil paint 37ml-40ml.
2 – Extension hooks allow for hanging on wider edges of wooden easels
2 – Hook and loop straps for securing your paint tubes and cases together
1 – Drawstring bag
1 – Instruction Sheet Download here!

Dagmar Paint Tube Cases come in two sizes to accommodate standard and wide tube caps.

The Standard Paint Tube Case holds tubes with smaller sized caps such as:

  • Blick 38ml.
  • Blockx 35ml.
  • Charvin 20 ml.
  • Charvin 60ml.*
  • Classico 60ml.
  • Fragonard/Pebeo 37ml.
  • Gamblin 37ml.
  • Georgien 38ml.*
  • Grumbacher 37ml.
  • Michael Harding 40ml.
  • Old Holland 37ml.
  • Rembrandt 15ml.
  • Sennelier 40ml.
  • So Ho 21 ml.
  • Utrecht 37 ml.
  • Vasari 40ml.
  • Williamsburg 37ml.
  • Windsor & Newton 37ml.

*Fits both (Standard) and (wide) models. Other brands of similar size (not pictured) will also fit this model.

The Wide Paint Tube Case holds tubes with larger sized caps such as:

  • Blue Ridge 40ml.
  • Charvin 60ml.*
  • Da Vinci 37ml.
  • Georgien 38ml.*
  • Lefranc 40ml.
  • Lukas 37 ml.
  • Graham 37ml.
  • Rembrandt 40ml.
  • Richeson 37ml.
  • So Ho 40 ml.

*Fits both (Standard) and (wide) models. Other brands of similar size (not pictured) will also fit this model.

Dagmar Paint Tube Cases easily hang on thin walled easels such as:

  • Strada
  • Edge Pro (from tray extension)
  • Joshua Been


The extension hooks that are included with each set accommodate thicker walled easels such as:

  • Soltek
  • French Easels
  • EasyL and other wooden pochade boxes

Deeper extension hooks are available for use with the Coulter easel. Please indicate the type of easels you are using so that we can send the appropriate extension hooks for the perfect fit.

To purchase the Dagmar Paint Tube Case set.