• Introducing the Dagmar Paint Tube Case Set.

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Makers of the “Dagmar Solutions Paint Case” – a painter’s best friend! Our patented paint case set provides a revolutionary way of using, organizing, storing and transporting your oil paint tubes in a compact protected case. Learn all about our unique product and Purchase yours today!Save Save

Dagmar Paint Tube Case FeaturesSave


Organize Your Paint
Quickly locate and reach for specific colors without losing your place in the painting process.

Safe & Secure
Protects paint tubes – securing straps provide a buffer that eliminates chafing and punctures.

Easy Inventory
See what colors need replacing so that you have the desired colors before leaving the studio.

Light & Compact
Weighs only 6 oz.! Paint tubes line up with tube caps at opposite ends for compact storage.

Dagmar Paint Tube Case – How it works.

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