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Dagmar Paint Tube Cases – F.A.Q.
What brands of oil paint can the cases accommodate?
The cases fit most tubes of oil paint from 15ml. – 60ml. See, paint brand list here. Let us know the brands of oil paint you use so that we can send you the correct sized case set. (Standard or Wide.)
How do the cases hang from the different style of easels?
The built in hooks are made to hang from the Strada and Edgepro easels and detachable extension hooks accommodate other wooden easels and pochade boxes. Let us know the style of easel you are using so we can send the appropriate extension hook if needed.
Are these oil paint tube sets heavy?
The entire set consist of 2 light weight plastic cases, 2 nylon straps, 2 extension hooks and a nylon drawstring bags that weights a total of 8 oz.
How much room does a set take up?
A fully loaded set of 8 oil tubes is approx. 4.75” x 6.5” x 2.25” yielding an efficient and compact package. As a reference, the average individual oil tube measures 4.5” x 1”.
How easy is it to keep the cases clean?
Because the current Prototype cases are made of a textured ABS, clean up may be difficult. The final version will be injection molded of High Density Poly Ethylene, (HDPE) which is resistant to chemical attack and paint adhesion and therefore, easy to keep clean.
How do I purchase these sets?
On our online store. You can also order via US Postal Service. Download order form, print out and mail with you check to:

Art of Sterling Hoffmann
Dagmar Solutions
PO Box 94
Yorkville CA 95494

How much do the sets cost?
The hand formed prototype sets retail for $30 each plus shipping and CA sales tax if shipping to California.
What if I don’t use exactly 8 colors or 16 colors can I purchase half sets?
I recommend using complete sets as they were intended. You may have a color that will soon run out so you can back it up with a spare or another color you would like to try. Either way you won’t be sorry.
Do you offer the paint tube holders for 120 ml. tubes?
While I have made prototypes for the larger tubes in the past, there’s been little demand for them especially when you consider that the cases are ideal for “packing less.”
Still need help? Send us a note!
For any other questions, please write us at:

or call (707) 779-9240