About Dagmar Solutions

Dagmar Solutions is the brainchild of artist, Sterling Hoffmann. Sterling enjoys drawing and painting en plein air (on location) while using the skills he developed as an animation student. He developed the Dagmar Paint Tube Case to provide a more efficient way of painting. His product lets you quickly locate specific colors without losing your place in the painting process and allows the artist to create – like a well-oiled machine, (pun intended).

With a background in Industrial Design, Sterling handcrafted numerous prototypes of what has become the Dagmar Paint Tube Case. He was granted U.S. Patent No. US 9.925,825 B1 for the product in 2018. Dagmar Solutions is marketing the current prototype online and in various US markets with the help of Tennessee painter, Lori Putnam.

As Dagmar Solutions upgrades their manufacturing process, the hand-made prototype cases will soon be replaced by injection molded of High Density Poly Ethylene, (HDPE) cases that will make the Dagmar Paint Tube Case available for the world market.

A special thanks goes out to the many fellow painters who have given invaluable feedback during the development stages and to Melinda Bryant who has helped make this vision a reality.

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